Documenting Your Day

Thank you for your interest in my work.

Every time I raise my camera, I am looking to create a photograph that will elicit an emotional reaction.

After 15 years as a photojournalist, I changed my focus to document the first days in a new family history.  During the past six years, I have been the visual historian for almost 200 couples.  In every case, two people professed their love for one another, but that’s where the similarities end.

What have you felt when you’ve looked at some of the moments chronicled on my site? Did you empathize as Kristen’s mom started to cry?  Have you felt the elated exhaustion of Sarah and Ryan on the boat?  Was there a lump in your throat as Andrew wept when Ashley entered the chapel on her dad’s arm?

The moments I see and photograph during your wedding won’t involve strangers. They will be about you and your spouse with your friends and family. Celebrating. Laughing. Embracing. Rejoicing. Reminiscing. Exhaling. Dancing. Badly.

I photograph your wedding as a quiet, trusted observer, without interfering with the flow of your day.  I work in close where appropriate, and at a respectful distance when called for, using as much available light as possible.  My role is to document, not direct your day.

The story of your wedding will be presented in a library bound volume that has been crafted to last for generations. Sixty years from now, I hope that your grandchildren will feel the excitement of your celebration through the portfolio of photographs.

Please give me a call.  I look forward to learning about your wedding plans, and how I can document your day.

A signed contract and retainer will secure my commitment to document your wedding. Once contracted, I will not consider other commissions for the day.  Wedding day and weekend coverage collections are customized according to each couple’s needs.